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Mechanical Durability

Mechanical durability simply refers to how dense the pellet is, and how well it is formed. Pellets are of course the denser the stronger. The advantages are that the pellets can withstand transportation better, and work more efficiently in the pellet burner.

When a qualified pellet has exited the wood pellet machine, it should have a smooth surface, with little or no cracks. If the pellet is cracking and expanding, that is because there is too much moisture within the pellet, or poor compression within the wood pellet machine. Once a qualified pellet has cooled, it should be like a coloring crayon. The surface of the pellet should be smooth, and have a luster.

Wood pellets tend to be more lustrous than others; the most important thing is pellets’ smooth compact state. Try tapping the pellet against a hard surface, to see if the pellet stays intact, or if they crumble or easily crush and separate. The length of the pellet is not really that important. However if pellets are too long (above 1 inch) they can cause damage to the auger in the pellet burner.

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