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The Principle Of Biomass Fuel Pellets Pelletizing

The principle of biomass fuel pellet is to make biomass raw materials by cold-pressing without any binder. Biomass pellet fuel technology improved the storage capacity of straw, and the combustion characteristics were obviously improved.

Biomass pellet fuel can provide rural residents with cooking, heating energy. Biomass pellets can be made from a wide range of sources of raw materials. Biomass pellets features low price and simple operation. It is one of the main development directions of biomass energy development and utilization technology.

The principle of biomass fuel pellet

pellets produced

The biomass pellet fuel technology of GEMCO has solved the problems such as high power, low production efficiency, serious wear of molding parts and short life, and has been commercialized and reached the international advanced level. By the end of 2008, 102 demonstration sites of biomass pellet fuel had been popularized in rural areas in China, and the annual production of pellet fuel was about 200000 tons.

The principle of biomass fuel pellet is cold pressing biomass without any binder. Lignin belongs to amorphous, has no melting point, but has softening point. Under the action of external force, biomass particles begin to rearrange the position relationship, and the mechanical deformation and plastic rheology occur. In the direction perpendicular to the maximum stress, particles are mainly intermeshed. In the direction perpendicular to the minimum stress, particles are combined in the form of

The problems of biomass fuel pellet to be noted

With the increase of external force, the biomass volume decreases significantly, the volume density increases significantly, and the biomass has a certain shape and strength. Biomass pellet mills produce pellets that are environmentally friendly and clean fuels for a wide range of applications.

biomass pellet fuel

In order to ensure the molding rate of straw pelletizing machine, we should pay special attention to the following two points.

  • Using soft raw materials or crushed materials, the soft raw materials extrusion molding efficiency is higher, and the damage to the biomass pellet machines is also low.
  • The moisture of raw materials should be kept between 15% and 20%. If the moisture content is too high, the pellets will be loose. If the moisture content is too low, it is difficult to press and form, and the molding rate is low and the degree of pulverization is high.

Therefore, it is suggested that we reduce the moisture of materials by drying, and increase the humidity of raw materials by improving moisture.

When the finished product has a high forming rate in the forming process of straw pelletizing machine, it can save a lot of raw materials, reduce the production cost and increase the profit of the customer. At the same time, the operation should be strictly in accordance with the operation rules, to avoid accidents. ABC Machinery offers quality biomass pellet machines, small pellet machines and all-set service. Contact us for quotations and details.

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