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Pellet Mills (Residential and Farm)

Flat die pellet mill generally has two types: R-type and D-type. Below is the animation of D-type flat die pellet mill.
D type pellet mill working picture
D-type flat die pellet mill has wide application in residensial and farm use. In the D-type pellet mill, the die is horizontal with a series of rollers on it. When making pellets, the flat die rotates, and the rollers are driven to revolve on its own axis.Thus, the rollers compress powders of raw materials into the small holes of flat die to form pellets. Once th epellets emerge on the other side of the die, a series of rollers would cut them into the same length. Thus you get your desirable pellets.

The wood pellet machine for residential and farm use , mainly the flat die pellet mill is most common.  The flat die pelleting machine was first invented in the early 20th century to make feed. However after improving the quality of dies and rollers to handle additional pressure, the pellet press became suitable to produce wood pellets from biomass materials such as sawdust, straw, stalks and grass.

Wood Pellet Machine with Electric Motor:

wood pellet mill with electric engineelectric engine wood pellet millelectric motor wood pellet mill
 Type  Power(KW) Capacity for wood pellets(KG/H)  Note
 ZLSP200B D-Type  3-phases 7.5KW  80-120  with(w/o) motor
 ZLSP230B D-Type 3-phases 11KW  120-200  with(w/o) motor
 ZLSP260B D-Type 3-phases 15KW  160-250  with(w/o) motor
 ZLSP300B D-Type 3-phases 22KW  250-400  with(w/o) motor
 ZLSP360C D-Type 3-phases 22KW  250-300  with(w/o) motor
 ZLSP400C D-Type 3-phases 30KW  300-350  with(w/o) motor

Wood Pellet Machine with Diesel Engine:

Wood pellet machine with diesel engine   diesel engine wood pellet mill
 Type  Power(KW)  Capacity for wood pellets(KG/H)  Note
 ZLSP120A D-Type  8HP diesel   30-50  with(w/o) diesel engine
 ZLSP200A D-Type 15HP diesel  80-120  with(w/o) diesel engine
 ZLSP230A D-Type 22HP diesel  150-200  with(w/o) diesel engine
 Pellet Machine PTO: Usually on a tractor or truck, a power take-off (PTO can be used to provide power to an attachment or separate machine. Our pellet machine PTO is designed to be easily connected and disconnected. The power take-off (PTO) allows implements to draw energy from the tractor's engine.

NOTE: All of our wood pellet machines have received the CE Certificate.

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