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Pellet Mills (Large Industrial)

Ring die pellet mill is widely used in pellets making industry and large pellets production line. The machine has a wide cylindrical shape and the die is vertical. Due to its high cost and big size, it is not as common as the flat die pellet mill. Ring die pellet mill is usually for making pellets business and other commercial purposes.
We have two types of ring die pellet mills as follows, the KMPM420 and KMPM508.

KMPM420 Ring Die Pellet Mill KMPM508 Ring Die Pellet Mill
KMPM420 ring die pellet mill KMPM508 ring die pellet mill

Technical Parameter of Ring Die Pellet Mills

Model Capacity(kg/h)   Power(kw) Dimension Weight(kg)
KMPM420   1000-1500 90+1.5+3 2600*1000*2000 3400
KMPM508 1500-2000 132+1.5+3 2990*1200*2410 4500

As a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, apart from the high-quality ring die pellet mills, we also provide ring dies and rollers manufactured by us and specially match our ring die pellet mills. Therefore, you don’t need to worry how to find the suitable dies, rollers and other wearing parts.

ring die ring die


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