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straw pellet machine

How to deal with straw can be an annoying issue for farmers to solve. Many places choose to burn the straw after harvest directly that they ignore the true value of it. With the straw pellet machine that developed by our company, you can easily transfer the useless straw to useful biomass pellets.

 strawstraw pellet machine

Straw pellet machine, also known as flat die pellet machine, is a small and adaptable machine. With the compressing of rollers and die, the machine works. Rotating rollers or die will produce a force in the space between them, and then raw material enters the space and is pushed into holes on the die to shape the columned granule. After being cut into uniform size and discharged, the whole procedure of pellets is finished.

 rotating rollerstraw pellet

This straw pellet machine can be moved anywhere equipped with wheels in the bottom. So raw material can be easily collected. Any kind of straw is OK, like wheat straw and maize straw. Take notice of the moisture and size of straw. The fittest moisture would be 15%, while the size shouldn’t be large than the holes on the die.
  1. High yield can be reached with little energy consumed;
  2. Different sizes of pellets can be produced according to customers’ need;
  3. Alloy steel made rollers and die make the machine firmer and have longer usage life;
  4. Standardized components can be easily replaced.
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