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pellet mill problems

GEMCO specializes in manufacturing pellet mills, straw pellet mills, biomass pellet mills, sawdust pellet mills etc. In the use of pellet making machine, there will inevitably be some small problems, we gonna teach you how to solve these problems in this article.

If the pellet surface is found to be uneven and there are even a lot of unnecessary wounds

pellet surface with cracks

After the pellet machine is produced, this indicates that the blade inside the pellet machine has a problem. If the blade is intact, the produced pellet surface should be very smooth, uniform in size and length.

The surface of the pellets is too smooth

Which is also a problem. This shows that there are too many hard objects in the machinery, and the ring-mode compression is relatively small. In view of this problem, we should increase the compression hole. This phenomenon is rare and few people will encounter such problems, but we should also try to avoid construction. To avoid this problem, the first thing to do is to check the raw materials before construction to see if there are hard objects. This is very important.

When the pellet material moisture is too high, the phenomenon of blocking machine often occurs

pellet material moisture

So we should try our best to produce after testing the pellet moisture. If the moisture of the raw material is too high, we should dry the raw materials and try to avoid production when the pellets are wet. Wet raw materials will increase the mechanical load, affecting the normal operation of the pellet machine.

Cracks appear on the machine itself

Generally speaking, the pellet machine that appears this phenomenon can hear from the sound. pellet machine in the operation of a very loud noise, or noise, which indicates that the pellet machine failure. At this time, we must stop running for inspection.

After the grain machine is put into use, we often encounter problems, some of which are caused by the poor quality of the machinery itself. But most of the reasons are due to the long time customers put into use. So we must pay attention to this when we run the pellet making machine.

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