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pellet mill plant production

Pellet mill plant production is a popular issue all around the world. As problems of energy emerges today, human society needs a green renewable resource to share the dominance of fossil fuel. Biomass fuel then ushers in the rapid development. Pellet mill plant production can make biomass fuel be used much more efficiently.
In order to meet the needs of the market and provide you the best pelletizing machine, our company develops a series of products equipped with over ten years’ experience and advanced technology. With numerous testaments, our products prove its excellent quality. Its high yield and efficiency make it widely welcomed by customers from different countries.

 pellet mill plant productionpellet mill plant

There are three main parts of the machine to work: the engine, the gear box and the upper box. The engine can be powered by electricity, diesel, or gasoline. When the start button is pressed, gear box will run to drive the die or rollers in the upper box rotating. This will produce a force in the space between the two components. If you put raw material into the space, it will be compressed into the holes on the die to form pellets.

pellet mill part pellet mill part
  1. Application of high quality castings, heavy-duty bearings and durable thickened main axis;
  2. Alloy steel made high efficient gear box;
  3. Adjustable length and diameter of pellets;
  4. Low noise, low cost and low consumption.
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