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Wood Pellet Line Remarks

Wood Pellet Line Remarks:
1. Product to be processed: Wood pellet
2. Adopted raw material: Wood chips, sawdust with certain content of moisture
3. Highlight of the technology:
   1) The connecting pipe in the turn point are made from stainless steel, which is wearable, anti-corrosive and durable.
   2) Level of automatization
    a) Adopt speed adjustable & frequency variable feeding engine for the speed adjustable screw feeder upon the pellet mill, also with a loading control, which can control the volume of the material inlet. Thus enable the pellet mill in perfect working condition.
    b) There is one moisture detector after the drier. PLC transfers the moisture information to speed adjustable screw feeder(203) to control the speed of material running into the rotary drier, so that to make sure the moisture for the material keep right. At the same time, control the Pneumatic gate (217) by fixing the moisture tolerance. Once the moisture content over the tolerance, the material will be transported to the hopper (218) temporarily, and they will be mixed with other material through speed adjustable feeder (220) again after the moisture content is ok. The whole process was automatically operated by the online moisture detector.
  3) There are two semi-automatic weighing machines. One is for 700kg and the other is for 15kg. For the small scale, Weighed bags would then travel along a conveyor where the tops of the bags will be sealed by a hot sealing machine. For the large scale, sealing will be done by manual system and then traveled along the conveyor.
4. Capacity: 1t/h
5. Dust: ≤80mg/cub during the whole process. Both the material inlet and pellet outlet are under negative pressure operation. The dust is cleared away by the steam sprayer from the outlet gas, which can get rid of 80% dust. This process can control the dust content below 5% for the outlet gas to the air.
6. Noise: ≤80dbs. The hammer mill and the pellet mill are fixed indoor and closed, where there is a muffler on each fan.

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