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Pellet Central Heating Systems

Pellet Central Heating Systems


A pellet central heating system can directly replace oil or gas boilers. Fully automated, such systems not only light automatically and feed fuel from pellet storage at the rate of the heat demand, but also realize that the boiler cleans itself every day ensuring continued efficiency. Automatic wood pellet heating systems are available in a range of sizes to suit any requirement from a small, energy-efficient house to a large office or business.
A typical residential wood pellet boiler normally requires a boiler room of 2 m2. A typical pellet store requires a similar amount of space to allow the boiler installed in a separate room within the building, or in a garage, shed or special container.
Automatic wood pellet heating systems are designed for bulk fuel supply. This method of delivery is common in mature pellet markets, which provide cheaper bulk purchase prices, dust-free filling and is time-efficient for the home owners. A tank truck blows the fuel into the storage room, from where it is carried by an auger to the boiler. In most situations the pellet store requires refueling only once or twice a year.

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