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Flat Die Pellet Mill Supplier

flat-die-pellet-millA flat die pellet mill can not only process feed for animals, such as fish, chicken, pig, etc., but also process the waste biomass material such as wood sawdust, straw, and different kinds of stalks, grass, and etc. into wood pellets. 
While in the ring die pellet mill, the ring mold is rotated and often threw in case the particles, which leads to some particles breaking down into pieces. The forming rate is declining, but the flat die of flat die pellet mill is fixed on the base, the materials are cut off by the cutter to form particles. Therefore, flat die pellet mill model increases the rate of particle shape.
Kingman (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd can provide both small and medium scale pellet production of flat die pellet mill. You are welcome to contact us.

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